Starting with a full assessment of how you move, my remedial massage and personal training programs optimise your motor skills so you can:

Recover from pain & injuries

If you only ever do ‘acute’ rehab work, you’re just hovering on the brink of injury all the time. My personal training programs take you beyond that point, restoring motor skills that give you lasting rehabilitation.

Combining assessment, personal training and sometimes remedial massage, all my coaching is designed to improve your movement quality, reduce your pain and remove the cause of the pain.


Stay injury-free

You’ve got two ‘layers’ of muscles. The outer layer moves you while the inner layer supports your joints.

If the outer layer gets stronger than the inner layer can support, you end up with joint damage.

Real functional strength training integrates both layers, so your joints are protected, you’re more mobile and your risk of injury is reduced.

Optimise sports performance

Your nervous system is like software, subconsciously controlling your movement.

But every niggle and training ache causes a slight compromise in the signal, which can add up to a loss of athletic power over time.

By optimising your 8 basic functional movements, Spark’s exercise programs are like running an ‘antivirus’ program through your motor skills.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help with weight loss?

There are quicker ways to lose weight, for sure. I prefer a slower approach that builds healthy joints too. I’m concerned about most weight loss exercise programs out there. Their emphasis on intensity certainly takes care of the calories, but it takes focus away from injury prevention.

Will you shout at me?

No. Well, I can if you want me to! My approach to personal training is as a coach, not a drill instructor. So first I teach you what to do and why, and then I keep you right as you work through your program. Also, I’ve got no interest in you doing 40 reps of an exercise if 30 of them are no good. At Spark, you stop an exercise when your technique starts to slip, otherwise you’re training your nervous system to move badly.

What's remedial massage?

A remedial massage is a problem-solving massage. It’s certainly not a pamper! After your movement assessment, I can plan a massage that targets only the problem areas. Getting rid of specific tension allows the inhibited muscles to engage stronger. Combine that release with our personal training programs, and you’re well on the way to a lasting recovery.

Are you a physio?

No, I’m not. Your assessment may flag the need for a more in-depth diagnosis, or acute care. In that case I’ll refer you to a local physiotherapist or other allied health professional.

I'm too busy training for my sport, why add to my training workload?

Of course, practising your sport develops essential motor signals in your nervous system. But how’s this? It also develops patterns of muscle tension that interfere with those signals! Spark’s coaching programs unwind those patterns, optimising your athletic agility and power.

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