Building better biomechanics to help you move better, hurt less and recover quicker

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At Spark we’ll get your nervous system buzzing again with a full range of movement coaching options - from casual classes to specialised, problem-solving Personal Training - all designed to help you move better, hurt less and recover quicker. 

With a zhuzhed-up nervous system to optimise your movement skills, you’ll be able to do more of what you love, and do it better!

Function Sweet Classes

Combining the core demands of a reformer class with the fitness outcomes of more traditional exercise methods, you’ll walk out of our Function Sweet Classes feeling taller, lighter and stronger… and keen for more!

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Go Fix Yourself Workbooks

Semi-personal coaching programs to support you as you work through our classic workbooks, developed over 20 years to address common injuries, standard fitness and high-performance goals. 

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Personal Training Packages

Want PT for motivation? Or for technical problem-solving? We do both! We design & deliver custom PT packages that solve your movement issues while working towards clear goals and sustainable change.

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