Remedial massage and personal training programs that help you:

Recover from pain & injuries

If you only ever do ‘acute’ rehab work, you’re just hovering on the brink of injury all the time.

My personal training programs take you beyond that point, restoring motor skills that give you lasting rehabilitation.

Combining assessment, personal training and sometimes remedial massage, all my coaching is designed to improve your movement quality, reduce your pain and remove the cause of the pain.

Stay injury-free

You’ve got two ‘layers’ of muscles. The outer layer moves you while the inner layer supports your joints.

If the outer layer gets stronger than the inner layer can support, you end up with joint damage.

For your exercise program to be truly ‘functional’, it needs to integrate both of those layers, and it needs to meet you at your current level of ability. Then your joints are protected, you’re more mobile and your risk of injury is reduced.

Do (more of) what you love

It’s a lot easier to motivate yourself if you know that every exercise in your program is designed to get you closer to a bigger picture goal.

That might mean you have to have a think about your purpose … what would you do (more of) if you weren’t in pain?

Then you have a simple way to see if you’re improving, and a goal that drags you forwards, rather than just being focused on getting out of pain. Book an assessment now.

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