Remedial massage and personal training programs that help you:

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Recover from pain and injury

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Stay pain-free and injury-free

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Do more of what you love

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Get better at what you love

Remedial massage

Just want a massage?

Great … with over 13 years experience in solving movement problems, I love helping you sort out not just pain, but the underlying causes too.

Your first 1-hour appointment includes a free 15-minute assessment to make sure we hit the right spots.





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Or for an even better outcome

book an initial 2-hour appointment, which includes a full movement assessment. That allows us to make a much more targeted and efficient massage treatment plan.

My semi-personal coaching programs are a great way to support your treatment schedule too.

Personal training

“Personal training”

Got specific movement problems, complex goals, or a busy schedule? I love designing movement programs that have a real purpose, whether that’s to recover from an injury, get an edge on the competition, or anything in between.

A short, sharp block of personal training is a great way to get started, and a monthly one-on-one session can keep you on point as you work through my SPC programs.





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“Semi-Personal Coaching”

Most people don’t actually need personal training. ‘Semi-personal’ coaching is cheaper, it’s more fun and it’s been shown to produce better results than one-on-one coaching.

SPC isn’t the same as group training. You work through your own program at your own pace, and I coach you individually as you need it. That gives you the space and time to really understand it and make it your program.





SPC programs